Car Wash Services License Setup

Car Wash Services License Setup

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Car Wash Services License Setup

You can have your people providing these services at the facilities of shopping malls or multiplexes. You need to offer is environment-friendly mobile car wash services. Waterless car wash is a relatively new segment. You can include these services also in your portfolio.

How to Procure a License

You need to obtain a professional license if you wish to start mobile car wash services and gather great

First, as in all businesses, you must choose a name for your business. Next, you need to go for the initial approval. After this, you need the Notary/ Court signing and submission of Ejari. Then comes the approval of tenancy from Qatar Municipality and final submission after which the license is issued.

Do have the documentation in place. You should be carrying the following documents:

  • Passport copy of the shareholder(s)
  • Qatari ID copy and NOC from sponsor (if applicable)
  • A few trade name options for the company
  • Tenancy contract in the name of the company (this will be required during the process, not initially)
How uch does it Cost?

The license costs approximately QAR 10,173 ($2780) inclusive of all applicable taxes. Moreover, you will also be charged 2.5% of the rental value of the office space.

Handling Clients Professionally

The prospects of the car washing industry are immense. However, it always boils down to the quality of services you provide. You need to hire people for washing who are fully trained in these services. Else, you need to sell some amount on your own to have them prepared. You should also be aware of the latest techniques for clean car cleaning services. And, even the government laws that keep changing. Else, you have hefty fines dangling in front of you.

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