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ASK Qatar Business Services will deliver value to all the stakeholders and will attain excellence and leadership through such delivery of value. We will strive to support the stakeholders in all activities related to us. ASK Qatar Business Services provide great things.

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We're Professional

ASK Understands that business registration in Qatar is a huge step. Our professional and experienced legal advisors and business setup consultants in Qatar offer you consultation on starting a business in Qatar. Understand the process of business setup in Qatar, before taking the leap..

Corporate world Platform

Business setup in Qatar mainland mandates local partnership. Through our 18 years of experience we realise that partnering can be a tuff discussion. Thus, we at ASK offer you trustworthy and reliable corporate partnership in Qatar maintaining transparency and documentation at all stages.

We're Genius

Just like any other international business setups, company setup in Qatar also requires certification, documentation and approvals. ASK Business Setup reduces hassle and offers you a convenient route towards starting a new business in QATAR. With the right documents in hand and ASK's assistance you can start a business in 72hours..

Business Formation

New Business Formation

To attract international business Qatar has invested heavily in its transport, telecommunications, energy and industrial infrastructure. There are no income or capital taxes in Qatar, except for oil and domestic banking, and no withholding taxes. Companies in Qatar can obtain further significant advantages from the absence of foreign exchange controls, trade barriers or quotas, making it an ideal location for business setup and company formation

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business design

We Design Your Business

Qatar offers an excellent environment for doing business in the country. It has registered high GDP figures and excellent economic growth for the past few years. The Government of Qatar offers substantial incentives to businessmen, including the freedom to transfer all profits to the investor's country of origin. The law of the land even permits up to 100% foreign ownership in sectors of manufacturing,

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Services License

Social benefits and services

The State Of Qatar (Qatar) is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, known for its loyalty to foreign investors and open policy of conducting international business. The reputation of the Qatar as a world economic center attracts the attention of many foreign businessmen, and the variety of schemes for opening and promoting a company in the Qatar allows to choose the most suitable option in each special case.

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What we Do

We partner with clients to put recommendations into practice to Setup Business in Qatar.

Company Formation

ASK will guide you through each and every step of company formation and help you set up a viable business in Qatar at a very reasonable cost. Let it be a small or large scale business venture

L.L.C & W.L.L

With "WITH LIMITED LIABILITY" It can be an entity of sole propreitorship, partnership or a company. LLC means "limited liability company"

Branch offices

The second option for establishing a business in Qatar is a Trade Representative Office, which is a “shop-window” to promote foreign products to Qatari markets.

Engineering Firms

Setting up an Engineering office within the State of Qatar can often be a complex, very detailed process. The team at ASK has an entity specialised in establishing engineering companies and is fully capable of helping companies overcome obstacles and ensure their business is successfully running in Qatar.

Investor visa options

Our company formation consultants in Qatar can advise on the main ways of obtaining residency in the Qatar. With a vast experience in various corporate matters, you can also rely on our specialists if you need guidance in opening a company in Qatar.

Shareholding companies

A Public Shareholding Company, also known as a Joint Stock Company, in Qatar is a company whose capital is distributed into transferable shares of equal value. Such a company must have at least 5 shareholders. The minimum capital required to form a Public Shareholding Company in Qatar is QR 10 million and the name of the company should be followed by the phrase “Qatari Public Shareholding Company”.

Our Success Tranformation Story

How to grow world with Us

The phenomenon of home-based businesses is growing steadily across the world. These micro-businesses or SMEs are an important part of the private business sector.

Home-based business form the core foundation for anyone who has an entrepreneurial mindset and is eager to test the market. Any business whose primary office is the owner’s home regardless the size or the nature of its activity is defined as a Home-based Business (HbB). Home becomes an incubator of the economic activity, which the individual establishes by and for himself to initiate his business, whether for a temporary period until getting his HbB mature followed by converting it to a non-home business. Now the question is: How can I turn my hobby into a home business?.


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Virtual Office in Doha

Fully-serviced private offices, furnished and sound rated Our 5-star address becomes your address to use on your letterheads, business cards, webpage.

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New Business Set-up

ASK Qatar Business Setup is the best business setup service provider in the Qatar. We offer complete solutions for your business setup in Doha and others part of Qatar. Our knowledgeable consultants will provide you with expert guidance and comprehensive support throughout your business setup process.

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Qatari Business Partner

ASK Business Setup Offers Reliable and trusteorthy Local Business PArtner in Qatar. We believe in offering risk-free measures through an Investor's Right Protection Contract and Sponsorship Services.

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We are Providing great Services

ASK Qatar Business offer the full spectrum of services to help organizations work better. Everything from creating standards of excellence to Setup your Business to work in more effective ways.

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We committed to helping you maintain your Brand Value.

Haji Abduallah
DSS CEO & Cofounder

The ASK Qatar Business service - it helps fill our Business, and increase our show up rate every single time.

Joy Francys
TEMS founder

I Thanks To ASK Qatar Busienss Formation Which help me to setup busienss in Doha as well in Qatar Same time.. Great Services.

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Pricing Strategies for Different Business Formation.

Starting a business in Qatar can be a progressive decision as well as a challenging experience. When it is about company formation, the cost of setting up business in Doha becomes an essential criterion. Comprehending with the business setup cost in Doha as well as in various other parts of Qatar is vital, however, unawareness and lack of knowledge can lead to extreme undesirable overheads.

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Nevertheless, while starting a business in Doha, Qatar here are a some of the questions that may arise:

Where to setup a company in Doha?

How to estimate a business startup cost?

Is there any way to establish a low cost business setup in Doha?

Which Doha freezone company setup cost would be the cheapest?

Will I have to pay the Doha business license cost in advance?

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If you are also wondering or questioning yourself these things, then here is the answer to all your queries;

Government alters the business setup cost in Doha from time to time and having a fixed cost or fees is unlikely. Hence under such instances, well-informed and affordable business setup services in Doha let entrepreneurs know the charges included at an initial stage, keep them updated with fluctuating judicial prices, alert them about the instability in the governmental expenses, advise them on probable expenditures and save from incurring unwanted disbursements.

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